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Suppose I have a String like this:

String from = "<time><day type="tt">ok</day><time>

Now what I would like to do is to create a XOM document and then return back something like:

String to = documentToString(document)

This string should have only <day type="tt">ok parsed</day>, not with <time>..</time>root element.

I have already created the XOM document but don't know what is the easy way to do the string-conversion part.

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You can use xpath to get the day node:

Nodes nodes = document.query("/time");

You can get the string content of that node with

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The toXML() method is your friend:

import nu.xom.*;
import java.io.StringReader;

public class XomElementAsString
    public static void main( final String ... args )  throws Exception
        String from = "<time><day type=\"tt\">ok</day></time>";
        Builder parser = new Builder();
        Document document = parser.build( new StringReader( from ) );
        Element child = document
            .getFirstChildElement( "day" );
        System.out.println( child.toXML() );


<day type="tt">ok</day>
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