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I have been using SQL Developer option "Generate DB Doc" which is an awesome feature as it generates a beautiful doc but it is a pain that it is not synchronized (You need to regenerate from sqldeveloper).

I was wondering:

  • Is it possible to generate that doc from command line so it can be automated?
  • Can I generate the doc of a schema that I do not own but that I have access to?
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SQLDeveloper 4: sdcli.exe gives access to the command line API. But only these features are available:

Available features:
cart: Database Cart Batch Tasks
dba: Basic Batch DBA Tasks
format: SQL Format Task
migration: Database Migration Tasks
reports: Basic Batch Reporting Tasks
unittest: Unit Testing Batch Tasks

So I don't think it's possible. Generate DB Doc would be a good addition. Please post an enhancement request ;-)

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community.oracle.com/thread/2624544 I guess you just created it lol –  Mario A. Corchero Jiménez Jan 31 at 15:15
Let's see what happens ;-) This is an option that would be very handy. Generate DB Docs automaticly periodically and publish them for Developers/Architects/etc. –  Robert Merkwürdigeliebe Jan 31 at 20:41
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