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i want to build a system for storing documents (mostly words), it's a good idea to use MongoDB with GridFS?

i was planing to use mysql for the users and relations among the documents and only use mongo for files..

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Why use a database at all for files? –  Sammaye Jan 31 at 14:10
Store the files securely! –  fuentesLC Jan 31 at 14:21
A database doesn't mean the files are stored securely, proper encryption and passwords and isolation etc etc means it is –  Sammaye Jan 31 at 14:27
so it' better to store on directly on the FS with the proper permisions and stay away of GridFS or BLOB fields? –  fuentesLC Jan 31 at 15:36
Well it is subjective as to which but your reasoning for storing it in MongoDB is weak, I would definitely stay away from blob storage but some people have had success with MongoDB storage but I don't think your scenairo merits use of a database for this –  Sammaye Jan 31 at 16:01

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