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I am working to plot GeoJson Data using Leaflet/ I am following Mike Bostock's Post: http://bost.ocks.org/mike/leaflet/

When I tried to manage an example to map data I got nothing.

GeoData looks like: (I am retriving this data from another source)

  var exemple= {"type":"FeatureCollection","features":[


Another things I wanted to do. I am getting Geo data as plain text, then I convert it to Json object, but this doesn't work on the example as well.

var exemple="{""type"":""MultiPolygon"",""coordinates"":[[[[-74.0722143076041,40.5954626539774],[-74.0723640706954,40.5954127824589],[-74.0724380131536,40.5955301244455],[-74.0722873393497,40.5955803001089],[-74.0722143076041,40.5954626539774]]]]}";

var Collection= JSon.Parse(exemple);


Any thoughts how to plot data on map.

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you don't need to parse the json data as it appears to be in geojson format already. You may find this Bl.ock and associated SO question useful –  user1614080 Feb 2 at 8:38

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