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This code generates airport symbol as a part of a bigger presentation. That works pretty well, but at the moment the objects don't disappear when I change frame, which I would like them to.

I've tried different methods in the other frame, but whatever I do i get the error: "Call to a possibly undefined method removeChild through a reference with static type Class."

I'm pretty new to AS3, so keep that in mind :)

Thank you. Below is my code.

for (var key:Object in Airports) 
var MyAirport = new airport();
MyAirport.x = Airports[key]["x"];
MyAirport.y = Airports[key]["y"];
MyAirport.width = 17;
MyAirport.height = 17;
MyAirport.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, this.clickHandler)
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Two questions. What is MyAirport being added to? Can we see the code used to remove it? – Frankenscarf Jan 31 '14 at 15:48
Not sure what it is added to, really. – user3257755 Feb 1 '14 at 1:32
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Put all your movieclips for each scene into an array as you build each scene. Then you can loop through that array and remove them by calling a cleanup function:

function cleanupView():void
    for( var i:int = 0; i < collectedMovieClipsArray; i++ )
        var parentContainer:MovieClip = collectedMovieClipsArray[ i ].parent as MovieClip;
        parentContainer.removeChild( collectedMovieClipsArray[ i ] );

the as MovieClip part my not be necessary.

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Thanks for your answer. However I chose a simple path by using the following line:

this.parent.visible = false

This is hiding all the MovieClips I will try to implement your code, though.

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