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Let's say I have this markup:

<div class="comment">
  <span class="test">some content here</span>
<p>Lorem ipsum</p>

<div class="comment">
  <p>Lorem ipsum</p>

I want to check if span.test exists within div.comment and if exists to hide all the div.comment and to show just the div.comment in which span.test doesn't exist.

I'm stuck here :

 if($("span.test").length) {

I don't know how to continue this to achieve what I want.

Any suggestions on how can I make this work ?

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I don't see any calls to .has() –  Pointy Jan 31 at 15:00
Won't this just do the trick? $(".test").parent().hide(); –  user3008011 Jan 31 at 15:03
Sorry, I forgot to add it –  agis Jan 31 at 15:03

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$("div.comment").filter(function () {
    return $(this).find('span.test').length

jsFiddle example

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You can use :has like this


Or .has()

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+1, I honestly didnt knew the has() function. Is it a "new" function, 1-2 years? Cannot find out when it is introduced. –  davidkonrad Jan 31 at 18:39
@davidkonrad it says the :has() psuedo selector was added in jQuery 1.1.4 and the .has() was added in jQuery 1.4 so you can use this as a reference as to when they came out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery#Release_history –  ᾠῗᵲᄐᶌ Jan 31 at 18:55
I love that, a shorthand for find()>. Thank you. –  davidkonrad Feb 1 at 7:56

This will hide all comments with a span.test

$('.comment span.test').parent('.comment').hide();
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Something like this-

$("span.test").closest('.comment').hide(); // hide comment that contains .test
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