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I read everywhere that many people had a trouble like the one I am going to tell you, but could not really find a solution that might fix my problem.

Basically: I wrote an easy macro that opened, copied and pasted a given webpage on the active sheet. It has always worked fine with each browser. At that time I used WinXP 32bit and Office2010.

link = ActiveSheet.Range("c1")
URL = "file:///P:/user/" & link & ".html"
ret = Shell("rundll32.exe url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " & URL)
Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

ie.navigate URL
Do While ie.ReadyState <> 4
ie.ExecWB 17, 0
ie.ExecWB 12, 2 

(Un)fortunately lately I have been given a newer pc and it stopped working (Win7 64 bit, still Office2010), returning this error:

Run-time Error -21474417848 (80010108)

I am pretty sure Internet Explorer 64bit version is the cause of all of it,because is the only this that has changed. But before I ask the IT manager to downgrade the machine to 32 version, I am wondering if there's an easiest way to fix it.

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