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My Virtual Field for Property model, generated in beforeFind(), called 'distance', works. However, I can't sort by it. I currently have this as part of the search form:

echo $this->Form->input('sort', array(
    'options' => Hash::get($predefined, 'sort'), // List of options

Which adds sort to the URL, and it works for all normal fields, but not the virtual field distance. Should I have implemented this differently? As far as I'm aware, Virtual Fields should work fine with pagination.

EDIT: In case I've implemented pagination wrong...

I've set defaults:

public $paginate = array(
    'limit' => 25,
    'order' => array(
       'Properties.id' => 'asc'

After building $conditions:

$this->Paginator->settings = $this->paginate;
$data = $this->Paginator->paginate('Property', $conditions);
$this->set('properties', $data);

The above works fine changing the order, even by directly editing /sort:fieldname/ in the URL, but not with the virtual field 'distance'. I also tried adding, without success:

$this->paginate['order'] = array($value); //Value is the value for 'sort' named parameter
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"Since virtual fields behave much like regular fields when doing find’s, Controller::paginate() will be able to sort by virtual fields too." book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/models/… –  Dave Jan 31 at 16:29
That's exactly my point. –  StringsOnFire Jan 31 at 16:55
Try to use third parameter (whitelist) for paginate (api.cakephp.org/2.4/…). If it won't help put more code (beforeFilter method and more of controllers method). –  redd Feb 1 at 14:00
That's not relevant to the question, but it is useful, thanks, I'll implement with that from now on –  StringsOnFire Feb 1 at 14:02

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This part of your message:

My Virtual Field for Property model, generated in beforeFind(),

Seems to be the issue.

The virtual field needs to be defined before your call to Paginate() so that the paginator knows to build the "sort" criteria.

The beforeFind() call happens after the pagination call, so your virtual field is not yet defined. Moving the definition of the virtual field right above the the pagination call should fix this.

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Virtual fields can be declared in the model as a an array, public $virtualFields = array(); , or elsewhere, with $this->virtualFields['fieldName'] = , which allows you to create the field only when needed. Doing so in beforeFind puts it ahead of any sql, so it should behave exactly the same –  StringsOnFire Jan 31 at 16:54
Hm, where is that quote from, I cannot seem to find it in the docs... –  Ilie Pandia Jan 31 at 16:59
Try searching "Virtual Fields on the fly" –  StringsOnFire Jan 31 at 17:00
I cannot find that. It still looks to me though, that your virtual field is not actually defined when the pagination tries to figure out the sorting order. And think that happens before the call to beforeFind(). So I would try to define that in the model as opposed to on the fly. Or if you do it on the fly, define it just before the call to Paginate() instead of beforeFind() –  Ilie Pandia Jan 31 at 17:07
It's nearer the bottom the the Virtual Fields page. The user must enter 'postcode' in a search form first, otherwise there'd be no distance to calculate, so this must be checked before making the field. I'll try adding it via the controller before Paginate runs –  StringsOnFire Jan 31 at 17:12

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