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I am storing phone numbers as VARCHAR2 in my system to allow for users to input '+' characters infront of their phone number if they so choose.

My regexp allows for this perfectly, but when storing the number in the database I want to strip out all whitespace the user may enter.

My regexp allows for the following formats

+447 0123456789
+447 01234 56789
01234 567890
01234 567 890

I know I could resolve my issue by not letting users put any whitespace in their numbers, but I know from personal experience just how frustrating it is to have a validation error due to some silly formatting on the client side. I have tried using the TRIM function on my INSERT/UPDATE trigger but I have realised that is limited to only front and trailing whitespace, is there any other function in Oracle I could use that would remove internal whitespace? Or do I need to write my own function to do this?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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You want to try replace (telno, ' ', '').

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Ahh brilliant, just what I was looking for, thankyou. –  Alex Jan 31 at 16:14

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