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I am trying to update some radio buttons with knockout js. I retrieve the data from an ajax call similar to this example. Everything works well so far. Data is retrieved and passed to the model. And even the List is generated.

enter image description here

The problem is that jquery is not "skining" the radio list. (Upper part on the image) Working with a parsed JSON-String everything works fine. (Lower part on the image)

Any ideas?




   <fieldset id="myList" data-role="controlgroup" data-bind="foreach: myVals">
           <label data-bind="text:$data, attr: { for:'vals'+$data}"></label>
           <input type="radio" data-bind="checked:$root.selectedVals, value:$data ,attr: {name: 'list', id:'vals'+$data}" >


            // Knockout
            function viewModel() {
                self = this;
                self.myVals = ko.observableArray();
                self.selectedVals = ko.observable();
            var vm = new viewModel();

            // Jquery
            $(document).on("pageinit", "#myPage", function() {
                $("#autocomplete").on("filterablebeforefilter", function(e, data) {

                    var $input = $(data.input), value = $input.val();

                    if (value && value.length > 2) {

                          ... get data
                                .then(function(response) {
                                    vm.myVals.removeAll(); // clear so results won't add 
                                    $.each(response, function(i, val) {
                                        vm.myVals.push(val); // fill Array


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you need to enhance dynamically created radio buttons using $("ul [type=radio]").checkboxradio(); this should be added to data binding function. –  Omar Jan 31 at 22:06
You mean by creating a custom binding in knockout? –  Rick Feb 3 at 15:08
yup, it should go within KO function. –  Omar Feb 3 at 15:43

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Initialises as jQueryMobile button

$("ul [type=radio]").checkboxradio();

Refreshes the button

$("ul [type='radio']").checkboxradio("refresh");
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