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Is there a way to import node modules e.g. jQuery into node interactive mode?


$ node
> import jquery
> $.map(myArray).function(n){console.log(n)} 
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Add jQuery to your package.json (or install it globally), launch the REPL, then: $ = require('jquery'); –  Florent Jan 31 at 16:40
@Florent thanks. that's the answer. I have it installed globally, just didn't knew how to import/require it into repl context. If you put that an answer I can accept it. –  Jhonny Everson Jan 31 at 16:43
You really shouldn't install modules globally unless you're depending on an executable in that module. It ends up getting a bit messy, plus upgrading node has a number of times changed where it looks for global modules, so that's not a terribly dependable solution. –  Aaron Dufour Jan 31 at 16:56
For functions like map, you might want to consier using underscore instead of jQuery... –  Josh C. Jan 31 at 18:51
This is Node, which is based on V8, which is ES5 compliant. Just use Array.prototype.map, which here is just myArray.map(function (n) {console.log(n);}). Do not use underscore, or lodash, and certainly not jQuery for this in Node. –  qubyte Jan 31 at 23:16

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