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I'm trying to do input suggestions. This in It's self is nothing special JqueryUI is able to that pretty much out of the box...

where I ran into trouble was by providing jqueryUI with a list of possible suggestions you need to provide... the Table I use is to Big do be dumped as a whole into the view... but I can't figure out how to thake the value from as the user starts to type into the field and give him the first 100 suggestions that remain... with this I hope to reduce the load on the DB and speed up loadtime of the page because CakePHP doesn't have pack the whole table into the view each time a User requires the form!

the Code I have so far: (every helping hand is much appreciated! thx...) Controller:

App::uses('AppController', 'Controller');
class LocationsManagerController extends AppController {
public $helpers = array('Js');
public $components = array('RequestHandler');
public function index() {


public function updateSuggestions() {
     * place passed Value into $locationName
    $this -> loadModel('Location');
    if ($this -> RequestHandler -> isAjax()) {
        $this -> Location -> find('list',array(
            'conditions' => array('' => $locationName),
     * tell JqueryUI to update it's suggestion Array...


} ?>

View: index.ctp

<div id="suggestions">
array of possible Options...
echo $this -> Html -> script('jqueryUI', FALSE);
echo $this -> Form -> create('locationsmanager');
echo $this -> Form -> input('Location', array('id' => 'location'));
echo $this -> Form -> submit('Send');
$updateSuggestions = $this -> Js -> get('#location') -> event(
#@formatter:off ; 
        'action' => 'foo', 
        'data' => $form, 
        'async' => true, 
        'update' => '#suggestions'
#@formatter:on ;

is this the best method to do this? thx for your help!!

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You need a counter that counts first 3 or 4 characters and then retrieves from the database? – trafalgar Jan 31 '14 at 17:50

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As you are using jueryUI you can use autocomplete:

then in your controller you have to create an action that returns a json list of your suggestion.

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