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I can't determine whether a RowKey exists in a ColumnFamily using Astyanax.


I have a Cassandra database which is set up so that the RowKey '12345' exists in my column family 'bar'.

[default@foo] list bar;
Using default limit of 100
Using default cell limit of 100
RowKey: 12345
=> (name=0, value=0, timestamp=1390235737234000)

[default@foo] count bar['12345'];
1 cells
[default@foo] count bar['1'];
0 cells

The Java code below returns zero columns whether the key is '12345' or '1'; I would expect that it should return 1 column for '12345'.

// keyspace and columnFamily are already defined.

String key = '12345'; // Or '1'
OperationResult<ColumnList<Integer>> result =
ColumnList<Integer> columns = result.getResult();

What am I doing wrong?

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