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Tools My code is using both jquery (10.2), jstree, and Bootstrap.

Browser I am actually using IE11 for testing (and using compatibility modes for other IE versions (9,10). However I have tested at the identical behaviour can be seen in native IE9 as well as IE10 running in IE9 mode.

Problem I have some code that is displaying a jstree within a modal.

The code works fine in Chrome, IE10, IE11.

But in IE9 only there is a stack overflow.

SCRIPT28: Out of stack space
File: jquery-1.10.2.js, Line: 1234, Column: 5

SCRIPT2343: Stack overflow at line: 1234

The stack overflow occurs at seemingly random places all over the jquery code. I just used 1234 above as one example.

Question In order to help me debug this, what I would like to know is: Is there anyway in IE (11) to break on a Stack Overflow, or to set a conditional breakpoint on Stack Overflow or Stack Depth?

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