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This should be a simple question but I'm new to python and to win32 and can't seem to find an answer to this. I'm using python with the win32gui library and I want to know how do I retrieve the handle to a toolbar in a window.

Say I have notepad.exe open and I want to access the "File" "Edit" etc. buttons in the toolbar, how do I do that and how do I get a handle to the toolbar to begin with?

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Notepad does not have a toolbar. Notepad has a menu.

You can retrieve the handle of the menu associated with a window using GetMenu.

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Yea I ended up figuring that out, thank you though! How can I click on a button in the menu? –  yasman Jan 31 at 21:58
@yasman How to click? Locate the big zero to the left of my post. Position your mouse pointer over the little arrow above the zero and click your left mouse button. Repeat for the big tick. To click a menu item, send the WM_COMMAND message that would be sent if the user clicked the menu item. If you need more details ask a question. –  arx Jan 31 at 22:20
+1 for the nice comment. –  Xearinox Feb 1 at 4:24
Well if you take a look at my reputation you can see that I'm very new on here so I can't rate posts, sorry dude. Ok so I send a WM_COMMAND message but I'm having trouble assigning the value of WPARAM since it has a low and hi word and I don't know how to assign those from python. Can you help me on that? –  yasman Feb 3 at 17:19
In C/C++ you use MAKEWPARAM(loword, hiword). The pywin32 module probably implements this, though I haven't checked. –  arx Feb 3 at 22:54

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