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I am trying to read data from database and then need to write the data to an excel/csv file in an java application. The data from database can be more than 10000 rows. So could someone suggest a nice solution taking into account the performance issue also.

Is there a way we can directly read and write to excel sheet.

Thanks in advance, Kathy.

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Apache POI. –  Tiny Jan 31 at 19:34

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You can use Apache POI to do this: http://poi.apache.org

Use the HSSFWorkbook as an abstraction of a .xls workbook. There's also a XSSF format for the newer XML-based Excel files (.xlsx, etc).

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Apache POI will best suits to your problem.

Try the following references example and document.

The second reference will give you the whole implementation of how to work with POI.

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When it comes to java excel you should try out Apache POI.

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Apache has a nice library that should meet your requirements.

Look into http://poi.apache.org/

Hope this helps.

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