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Using this declaration for multidimensional object (shown below) can I make attacksource of label type "inside" to contain multiple children e.g "dos","login abuse"

var data = [
              { "attacksource": 43, "attacktype": 60, "AT":"DoS","Label": "iNISDE" },
              { "attacksource": 29, "attacktype": 40, "AT":"login abuse","Label": "outside" } 

What I have tried using js is as

var data = 
            [{"attacksource": 43,"Label":"Inside"}],
                 {"attacktype": 13,"Label":"dos"},
                 {"attacktype": 13,"Label":"virus"}

Is this a correct assignment for this task? Thanks

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What you want is JSON. It's not clear whether you're talking about transforming an existing JSON or building one from scratch.

It's hard to tell you the best way to represent your data without seeing the complete picture. But if a single attack source can have multiple attacks types then one way would be to represent those attack types as an array.

    "attacksource": 43,
    "label": "inside",
    "attackTypes": [
      {"attacktype": 60, "AT":"DoS"},
      {"attacktype": 18, "AT":"virus"}
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thanks. JSON format is used by the jquery charting plugin I'm using. So, using json format can it be transformed into structure I mentioned which is hierarchical? –  user3066819 Jan 31 at 21:04
i have entered your format but the graph won't render it. jsbin.com/oXuMAzU/6/edit –  user3066819 Jan 31 at 21:11
Using help.infragistics.com/jQuery/2013.1/ui.igdoughnutchart, you have to enter the data in the format it expects. I'll try to answer the duplicated question. –  DixonJ Jan 31 at 21:13
thanks a lot. Yes you are right about the plugin documentation. If the format it accepts is json should the change format not work? –  user3066819 Jan 31 at 21:15
@did you posted a reply on my original question? I think its get missed out somehow , I see in inbox but on link itself? Can you confirm.? –  user3066819 Jan 31 at 21:48

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