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Using XMLStarlet, I want to add another property to the list,

       <property>...</property>  <!-- add this! -->

which would be easy, except that the "properties" tag is optional and may be missing in the original document, in which case the "properties" tag needs to be conditionally created.

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In Windows Batch, You could do a SEL and then check the %errorlevel% 0 means it was found 1 means it was not found


xmlstarlet.exe -q sel -t -c "/config/option[@name='product']" xml.cfg
if %errorlevel%==1 (
    xmlstarlet.exe ed -L -s "/config/" -t elem -n "option" -v "" -i "/config/option[last()]" -t attr -n "name" -v "product" xml.cfg
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The ed subcommand doesn't have any conditionals, so there is no nice way, but I think you could insert a new properties element and then delete it if turns out to be "extra" (i.e. not the first):

xmlstarlet ed \
  -s /document -t elem -n properties -v '' \
  -d '/document/properties[position() != 1]' \
  -s /document/properties -t elem -n property -v 'new property value' \

Otherwise, you could check first with sel and use shell conditionals to decide whether insertion is needed.

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Here is what I am using in a batch, you will need sed:

rem var may be set by following command
Set NodeCount=

rem count how many nodes, pipe to sed to put in the SET
xml sel -T -t -v "count(/document/properties)" -n doc.xml|sed "s/^/Set NodeCount=/" >tmp2.bat

Call tmp2.bat
Delete tmp2.bat

if "%NodeCount%"=="0" Goto NoNodes

rem Do Insert Node Here

Goto :eof


rem handle no nodes Here

If you find a better way I am all ears.

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