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I use JQuery Cycle 2 and need to show the index of a slide when it is displayed.

Here is the HTML:

 <div id="slideshow"  data-cycle-auto-height="container" data-cycle-slides="> div"  >
    <div>slide 1</div>
    <div>slide 2 </div>
    <div>slide 3 </div>
    <div>slide 4</div>
<div id="caption"></div>

Here is the Javascript:

    delay: 0

$('#slideshow').on('cycle-before', function (e, optionHash, outgoingSlideEl, incomingSlideEl, forwardFlag) {
    var caption =  (optionHash.currSlide + 1) + ' of ' + optionHash.slideCount;

Here is the fiddle demo:

The problem is that when at page load the first slide is displayed, but the event "cycle-before" is not fired and the first slide seems to be treated at the last one.

What I did is wrong?


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The 'cycle-before' event only fires before a transition happens. When you initialize a slideshow, there is no transition, so this even will never get called.

Also, since the 'cycle-before' event gets fired before the change of slide, optionHash.currSlide will always be the previous slide, and since it is 0-indexed, you will be 1 behind.

To fix these issues, change your cycle-before event to cycle-update-view event, which gets fired after the slide has been updated, and will also be called after the cycle is initialized:

$('#slideshow').on('cycle-update-view', function (e, optionHash, slideOptionsHash, currSlideEl) {
    var caption = 'Image ' + (optionHash.currSlide + 1) + ' of ' + optionHash.slideCount;

Here is a fiddle of it working:

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Thanks for using the cycle-update-view event. Good to know! – curious1 Feb 7 '14 at 1:49
@Bryan Your answer includes some nice tips on using Cycle events. I've posted a simpler approach that uses Cycle's caption options in case it's useful. – Dylan Mar 27 '14 at 0:34

Cycle 2 includes the caption and captionTemplate options which allow you to add a caption -- including the slide count -- without having to bind to one of Cycle's events.

    caption: '#caption',
    captionTemplate: '{{slideNum}} of {{slideCount}}'

Check out the Cycle 2 API and caption demo page for more detail.

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