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The weirdest problem: my <select> elements wrap text to the next line if the width is set to 2em (smaller than the contents, but not that much). Only in Chrome! Firefox and IE 9 work fine.

enter image description here

Both dropdowns have 2 options: - and stripe. If the stripe option is selected (even during runtime!!) the element wraps like that.

Opening works like it always does and should: the options overflow to required width:

enter image description here

The simple version with all relevant CSS: jsfiddle (the fiddle isn't broken for me)

* {
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  line-height: 1.6;
.bookmarks .change-group select {
  width: 2em;
  /* overflow: hidden; tried this - no difference */
/* chrome tells me <select> inherits from this one: */
.bookmarks, .bookmarks li {
  list-style: none;

and the HTML (but without any white space):

<div class="change-group">
    <option value>-</option>
    <option value="stripe">stripe</option>

(That's really all the applicable CSS!) The <select> is inside a <div> that floats left, but the fiddle works the same so that's probably not it. I've disabled all CSS and nothing helped, only removing the width: 2em works.

In case the problem isn't clear: I don't want that. It should behave like in FF and IE: tiny until you open it.

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your html code is wrong in your fiddle –  aldanux Jan 31 at 22:08
correct html code in fiddle –  aldanux Jan 31 at 22:13
@aldanux No it's not. Options don't need end tags and attributes don't need values. –  Rudie Jan 31 at 22:13
@aldanux I tried to be sure and none of it matters. With or without closing tags, with or without attr values. With or without quotes. Always breaks the same way in app and never in fiddle. –  Rudie Jan 31 at 22:20
Ok... did not know that. I read this (here): An option element's end tag may be omitted if the option element is immediately followed by another option element, or if it is immediately followed by an optgroup element, or if there is no more content in the parent element.... whatever... :) –  aldanux Jan 31 at 22:35
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Have you updated Chrome to Version 32.0.1700.102m? I have had a few issues with select boxes in an earlier version of v32 which got fixed when I updated to the latest version, the scrollbars inside the select weren't working properly. This could be related.


I managed to reproduce the behaviour on the second select in this fiddle by setting word-break: break-word; on it. You should make sure that it is not set on the select or on one of its parents.

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Yes, updated. I thought about it being the weird Chrome 32 update, but the Fiddle works fine, so it has to be some weird CSS combination... –  Rudie Jan 31 at 22:12
OK, FYI it appears to work fine here on Windows 8.1 and updated Chrome (I don't see anything weird in the fiddle). –  Mathijs Flietstra Jan 31 at 22:16
The fiddle works for me too! But the app doesn't! Literal HTML and CSS in question. –  Rudie Jan 31 at 22:18
So you're saying that it is like the second select in this fiddle? I managed to get that by setting word-break: break-word; on it. You should make sure that it is not set on the select or on one of its parents. –  Mathijs Flietstra Jan 31 at 22:22
SO weird! There's no word-break anywhere, but if I add word-break: normal it works like it should! Wtf??? –  Rudie Jan 31 at 22:24
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