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I want to use the neural network to classify handwritten digits of MNIST dataset

I have created 2 layer neural network with 100 hidden unit and trained it using 60,000 * 784 trainImages matrix and 60,000 * 1 trainLabels

net = newff(trainImages,trainLabels,100)

how to test and calculate the error rate of the trained network with 10,000 * 784 testImages

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PredictedLabels = sim(net,testImages');
error_rate = 1- mean(PredictedLabels == testLabels');
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i tried that and it gives me Inputs are incorrectly sized for network. Matrix must have 60000 rows error –  ahmed abobakr Jan 31 at 22:24
transpose all your matrices: trainImages, trainLabels, testImages, testLabels. Make the column as your sample number –  lennon310 Jan 31 at 22:29
Thank you Lennon –  ahmed abobakr Jan 31 at 23:18
you are very welcome! –  lennon310 Jan 31 at 23:22

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