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i have blog posts updated by loading their container after they are updated.

This is done example:

$("#container #postholder").load("http://url.com/viewblog.php?id=155 #container #postholder");

First, i had issues with the scripts that were called upon by items that were loaded via the .load() method. I solved this by changing the button call to this:

$(document).on('click','.edity',function(){ });

The buttons now work, but the ckeditor isnt.

Lets say i have 5 different instances that are on the page, they all have the generic class of 'ckeditor' so they all work.

However, after the .load() of the items, they are not changed to ckeditors and instead stay text areas.

To solve this i tried this when clicking the 'edit' button:


That does not work, i then tried using the name of the ckeditors so:


This works, even after the .load(), but it only works for the first instance. All of the other ckeditors are not changed into the ckeditor.

I cant see how to get around this...

Any one understand?

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