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Can you please help with this expression:

((lambda (a b) (* ***(b a)*** a)) 5 (lambda (c) (+ c (* 2 c))))

now I understand this expression = 75 and I understand that the first lambda takes to arguments a and b where a = 5 and b = (lambda (c) (+ c (* 2 c))) = 15 the only part of the expression i don't understand is the part I have put in bold and italics. In basic terms how will the expression read?

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This snippet:

(b a)

Expresses the fact that b is a function, and it's being applied to the a parameter. In particular, the value of a is 5, and the value of b is the function:

(lambda (c) (+ c (* 2 c)))

So, replacing we obtain:

(* (b a) a)
(* ((lambda (c) (+ c (* 2 c))) 5) 5)
(* (+ 5 (* 2 5)) 5)
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that makes sense! thank you for your help! –  user3259073 Jan 31 '14 at 22:21

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