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I'm new with Apache camel. I'm trying to connect to a HornetQ queue. I've found several tutorials on this but all use Spring. I have to do it without Spring because the project I'm working on doesn't use Spring. It uses CDI, and I've found this: http://camel.apache.org/cdi.html But I don't understand how to change that so it connects to a queue. Could anyone help me ??

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There is a camel-sjms component which does not use Spring - camel.apache.org/sjms –  Claus Ibsen Jan 31 at 23:01
Is there a reason you have to use HornetQ, if you can go with ActiveMQ, you can get a serviceMix distribution that has Camel and ActiveMQ. –  Vijay Kumar Feb 4 at 17:14
We use Jboss, and jboss uses HornetQ.. I really don't have a choice on this. However a friend got it working, I'll add the code sample –  user2187047 Feb 7 at 14:57
I am running into this issue also - can you post your sample? –  R Dub Apr 30 at 14:33

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