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I want to remove all double quotes within all columns and all values in a dataframe. So if I have a value such as

potatoes are "great"

I want to return

potatoes are great

DataFrame.replace() lets me do this if I know the entire value I'm changing, but is there a way to remove individual characters?

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You can do this on each Series/column using str.replace:

In [11]: s = pd.Series(['potatoes are "great"', 'they are'])

In [12]: s
0    potatoes are "great"
1                they are
dtype: object

In [13]: s.str.replace('"', '')
0    potatoes are great
1              they are
dtype: object

I would be wary of doing this across the entire DataFrame, because it will also change columns of non-strings to strings, however you could iterate over each column:

for i, col in enumerate(df.columns):
    df.iloc[:, i] = df.iloc[:, i].str.replace('"', '')

If you were sure every item was a string, you could use applymap:

df.applymap(lambda x: x.replace('"', '')
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might better link to pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/… (with wonderful 0.13 additions!) –  Noah Feb 1 at 1:32
@Noah and (one) more in 0.13.1 - get_dummies :) –  Andy Hayden Feb 1 at 6:11

This will do what you want:

for char in string:
    if char != '"':
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Why? How? Code dumps are not answers. Please edit your answer to explain what this code does and how it solves the problem. –  Charles Jan 31 at 22:58

use DataFrame.apply() and Series.str.replace():

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import random

a = np.array(["".join(random.sample('abcde"', 3)) for i in range(100)]).reshape(10, 10)
df = pd.DataFrame(a)
df.apply(lambda s:s.str.replace('"', ""))

If just string columns:

df.ix[:,df.dtypes==object].apply(lambda s:s.str.replace('"', ""))
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