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I have a tiny project on school that has only two "kinds" to store :Site - Position. Each of them has only a string content.

My problem that I want to get ALL the stored data from datastore of these two kinds from javascript file.

I tried the following:

function getData(syncedData) {
        // reset the observable

        // set the ajax
        var options = {
            url: 'https://www.googleapis.com/datastore/v1beta2/datasets/{my-project-id}/runQuery?key=AIzaSyCHeg3tkyEENxAXKsl1xilX19BreDxWFzg',
            type: 'POST',
            dataType: 'application/json',
            data:'{ "query": { }}'

        // call the ajax
        return $.ajax(options)

        // handle the ajax callback
        function querySucceeded(data) {
            log('Sync data succeeded', sites, true);

        function queryFailed(jqXHR, textStatus) {
            log('Sync data Error. ' + textStatus, jqXHR, true);


where the "key=AIzaSyCHeg3tkyEENxAXKsl1xilX19BreDxWFzg" is API Key I created as Public API access from Cloud Console; I really need any one can query this results.

But using the above gives me 401 (Unauthorized) at Chrome Console.

How can I query these results and make it PUBLIC;

Must I use OAuth API? any clear steps of using 'not the google-docs'?! and how to make it PUBLIC ACCESSED?!

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Is your question asking how to circumvent google's API access? –  Charlie Jan 31 at 23:22
@Charlie Yes, if I can. –  Yasser Rabee Jan 31 at 23:25
That seems awfully shady. The authentication is there for a reason. –  Charlie Jan 31 at 23:26
So how can I do such auth, i didn't get it from google docs? any clear/simple explanation? –  Yasser Rabee Jan 31 at 23:30

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