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When viewed through a mobile device, the navbar of my twitter-bootstrap page shrinks in height, and for the life of me, can't figure out why.

Problem header: http://openingofdetroit.org/

Secondary site, no problem, pointing to same bootstrap files: http://openingofdetroit.org/addyourvoice/

Original template, no problem, pointing to original bootstrap files http://openingofdetroit.org/dev/jumbotron/

I've tried disabling as many CSS and JS files as I can think of, and haven't changed anything except a few widths in the original files, which by my troubleshooting above, isn't affecting the other two sites pointing to those CSS files.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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You are missing the viewport meta tag on the home page.

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The image itself is fine, its the menu navbar I'm talking about... –  mapBaker Feb 1 at 0:02
your navbar isn't shrinking on my computer... –  dave Feb 1 at 0:48
Make sure to view through a mobile device –  mapBaker Feb 1 at 0:58
You're missing the viewport meta tag –  dave Feb 1 at 3:53
AHH! wow thank you!!! Too bad I had to get downvoted twice! (WHY???) –  mapBaker Feb 1 at 15:48

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