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In R you can use the strsplit function to split a vector on a delimiter(split) as follows:

x <- "What is this?  It's an onion.  What! That's| Well Crazy."
unlist(strsplit(x, "[\\?\\.\\!\\|]", perl=TRUE))

## [1] "What is this"    "  It's an onion" "  What"          " That's"        
## [5] " Well Crazy"

I'd like to keep the delimiter(split) using R. So the desired output would be:

## [1] "What is this?"    "  It's an onion." "  What!"          " That's|"        
## [5] " Well Crazy."
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You can use "(?<=DELIMITERS)":

unlist(strsplit(x, "(?<=[\\?\\.\\!\\|])", perl=TRUE))

## [1] "What is this?"    "  It's an onion." "  What!"          " That's|"        
## [5] " Well Crazy.
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You don't need all of the backslashes. unlist(strsplit(x, "(?<=[?.!|])", perl=TRUE)) returns the same result –  Jake Burkhead Feb 1 at 1:49
Good call. Thanks. –  Tyler Rinker Feb 1 at 2:17
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