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Writing an ARC Mavericks app, I've got an instance variable NSMUtableArray, venueArray to which I am assigning a an array of Foursquare venues returned via the fabulous VenueKit. After I save the returned results into venueArray, I reload the an NSTableView. Here's my code:

- (IBAction)searchChanged:(id)sender {
    NSString *searchString=[_searchField stringValue];
    VNKVenueSearch *fsSearch=[[VNKVenueSearch alloc] initWithService:_fourSquare];
    [fsSearch setMaximumNumberOfResults:20];
    [fsSearch setNaturalLanguageQuery:searchString];
    [fsSearch startWithCompletionHandler:^(NSArray *venues, NSError *error) {
        [_searchField hideProgressIndicator];

        dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
            if (venues) {
                [self processResults:venues];
-(void) processResults:(NSArray*) venues{
    if (!venueArray)
        venueArray=[NSMutableArray array];
    [venueArray removeAllObjects];
    [venueArray addObjectsFromArray:venues];
    [_locationsTable reloadData];

And my table and datasource delegates:

- (NSInteger)numberOfRowsInTableView:(NSTableView *)tableView {
    return [venueArray count];

- (NSView *)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView
   viewForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)tableColumn
                  row:(NSInteger)row {
    NSLog(@"%lu",(unsigned long)[venueArray count]); //<==============
    // Here we get the expected answer (20)

    NSTableCellView *result = [tableView makeViewWithIdentifier:@"LocationName" owner:self];

    NSLog(@"%lu",(unsigned long)[venueArray count]); //<============
    // Here we get 0!
    if ([venueArray count] > 0) // I put this in to avoid a crash cause of empty array
        result.textField.stringValue = ((VNKVenue*)[venueArray objectAtIndex:row]).name;

    return result;


I know the array is being emptied during tableView:makeViewWithIdentifier view creation because the NEXT time I invoke the callout and the ensuing table reload, everything works great. That's because tableView:makeViewWithIdentifier is merely dequeueing existing views, rather than creating new ones.

And I know the VNKVenue contents of the array are being released, because I overrode dealloc in VNKVenue, and logged the fact that they were, indeed, being dealloced.

Originally I was populating venueArray in the same thread as the callout handler, and when that failed, I moved it to the main thread, as implemented above. Both fail.

Any ideas what's going on?

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Are you maintaining a strong reference to the array? (ie @property (strong, nonatomic) NSMutableArray *venueArray;)? –  Aaron Brager Feb 1 '14 at 2:27
Also, your line "I put this in to avoid a crash cause of empty array" is unnecessary once you fix this, because the method will never get called unless numberOfRowsInTableView: returns > 0. –  Aaron Brager Feb 1 '14 at 2:28

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It looks like ARC is deallocating your array because you aren't maintaining a strong reference to it.

You may be able to access it in numberOfRowsInTableView: because the autorelease pool has not drained yet (ie, you're still on the same run loop).

To resolve, just maintain a strong reference:

@property (strong, nonatomic) NSMutableArray *venueArray;

Then, either @synthesize venueArray; or change your venueArray references to self.venueArray.

Now, the array will not be deallocated until this property is set to nil or the owner is deallocated.

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I was previously declaring the venueArray ivar inside the interface and not making a property for it. Switched to an interface block inside the .m, with @property (strong, nonatomic) NSMutableArray *venueArray;, and the problem remains unchanged. –  Matt Welch Feb 1 '14 at 3:03
I wonder if you're running into issues because you're creating a new request for every character typed in the search field. Perhaps you should keep a reference to fsSearch, and call [fsSearch cancel] on the old search object when another character is typed. –  Aaron Brager Feb 1 '14 at 3:17
If that's the issue, [fsSearch cancel] won't totally fix it, but it might make it happen less. –  Aaron Brager Feb 1 '14 at 3:17

Found the answer in a related question that SO suggested. Turns out that awakeFromNib (where I was initializing my array) is called during each tableView:makeViewWithIdentifier that results in a new view. Odd.

Answer here

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