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I'm extending a small library using NTL and GMP. I'm using NTL for convenience (and to conform to existing APIs), but I'll be switching to GMP (and MPFR) for the really performance-critical stuff.

I'm using GMP as a long integer backend for NTL (compiled using the NTL_GMP_LIP=on flag) and I'm hoping this means I can just access the underlying mpz_t from an NTL::ZZ object. However, I can't find any documentation or examples.

If someone could give me a small code snippet or explain how to convert between an NTL::ZZ and mpz_t I would be eternally grateful.

(Note: I know you can just use strings as an intermediate format and convert using string parsing, but I'd like something more performant.)

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AFAICS, NTL doesn't use mpz_t (well, temporary ones if you define NTL_GMP_HACK), it only uses the MPN layer of GMP. You should download the source for NTL and look at src/g_lip_impl.h to figure out what it looks like. –  Marc Glisse Feb 1 at 3:57
Ahhh, ok. Thanks for the tip. –  pg1989 Feb 1 at 4:11

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