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Chrome throws an exception when constructing a ByteData from a Uint8List.

Uncaught TypeError: First argument to DataView constructor must be an ArrayBuffer

I need to use a ByteBuffer in constructing the ByteData view but ByteBuffer is an abstract class. Here are the two lines where I construct a ByteData view. This works in the VM but not Chrome.

  var buffer = new Uint8List(44);
  var view = new ByteData.view(buffer);

Any idea how to fix this?

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I tried your code and it worked

Dart VM version: 1.2.0-dev.3.0 (Fri Jan 31 02:47:34 2014) on "linux_x64"

but I think the correct way is:

var buffer = new Uint8List(44);
var view = new ByteData.view(buffer.buffer);

The first parameter of ByteData.view() is of type ByteBuffer and buffer.buffer returns a ByteBuffer. I don't know where the messages ArrayBuffer comes from.

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I hunted the API for how to construct a ByteBuffer but my search did not succeed. Thank you for your help @Günter. – Nawaf Alsulami Feb 1 '14 at 13:25

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