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Is there any way to remove .action/.html/(.any) extension in Spring MVC like Struts2.

I'm looking for a clean URL in my address bar.

Like: http://localhost:8080/SpringProject/Dashboard
Rather than: http://localhost:8080/SpringProject/Dashboard.html

Solution That I found :

Added two line in my spring-servlet.xml file

<mvc:annotation-driven />

and modify my web.xml


that's all

I also post this answer in my blog javalink2me.blogspot

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What do you mean remove it? Where? – Sotirios Delimanolis Feb 1 '14 at 6:08
@SotiriosDelimanolis I update my question. Please notice – Kanhu Feb 1 '14 at 6:13
Change your @RequestMapping values from /something.html to /something. – Sotirios Delimanolis Feb 1 '14 at 6:13
What about <url-pattern>/</url-pattern>? Possible duplicate: Does Spring MVC support extension-less URLs? – ADTC Feb 1 '14 at 6:24
thanks your so much @ADTC. that's I want – Kanhu Feb 1 '14 at 6:27

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