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I am creating a Wordpress theme with Bootstrap 3. I add html5shiv.js and respond.min.js in head and, now, the theme works in IE8.

When I open the website, for a second and only in IE8, the layout isn't correct and then is perfect.

What is the best practice to fix this initial visualisation problem?

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Stop using Ie8, it is dead ....

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3.2% use IE8, I'd like to fix it –  user1532291 Feb 1 at 9:43
@andygoestohollywood don't be so mean and unhelpful, even if IE8 is dead there are people that use it. If you work for a company that have to support this useless browser, then you have to support it. I like this question, unfortunately it does not work for me. Thanks to the author of the question anyway. –  inshador Jul 9 at 15:10
If you work for a company that has to support IE8, then tell them IE8 is supported, but expect to see some rendering issues, because IE8 is awful. (and dead). –  andygoestohollywood Jul 10 at 15:38

I solve with a css "respond-fix.css" inside conditional comment with this css code:

body{visibility:hidden} @media screen and (min-width:1px){body{visibility:visible}}
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