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I have a text view, in which I would like to place other views, like so:

= This is an editable NSTextView... =
= /-------\                         =
= |Subview|                         =
= \-------/                         =
= other text.                       =

There are NSTextAttachments, but they seem to only be well-suited for images. How can I insert into the text a fully-functional NSView with keyboard/mouse interaction and subviews itself, etc?

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You might want to check out the NSTextContainer and NSLayoutManager classes:

'NSTextContainer defines rectangular regions, but you can create subclasses that define regions of other shapes, such as circular regions, regions with holes in them, or regions that flow alongside graphics.'

'An NSLayoutManager uses NSTextContainer to determine where to break lines, lay out portions of text, and so on.'

The Cocoa Text Architecture Guide might be handy as well.

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