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I'm looking for a control I can use in an ASP.NET app for scheduling work shifts. My primary requirement is to have locations on a y-axis, dates on the x-axis, and then at each intersection, have a block divided into shifts, and each shift containing a short (1-3) list of employees working that shift.

Any suggestions for components that provide this, or how to achieve this with features provided on other comonents?

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I'd recommend the Ext Scheduler, it's builty entirely in javascript so it will definitely work with ASP.NET. In the examples section you'll find an integration demo with ASP.NET MVC2 which should be useful to you.


Disclaimer, I'm the author.

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Thanks, that looks great, and I've done some work with extJS before. –  ProfK Aug 28 '10 at 18:40
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Try Telerik's Scheduler component

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I'm looking at that right now, thanks. –  ProfK Jan 27 '10 at 19:40
Not a bad component, but it doesn't look like it supports the mapping of employees(resources) to those events in the schedule. –  johntrepreneur Apr 10 at 18:25
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