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I am using the Raty Rating plug-in for jquery in a webpage as seen below in, my issue is that when I add a comment with my code I can't get the rating as the rating code is generated on the fly by the juqery code, I assume this is a delegation issue but unsure where to put my comment form submission code to allow it to get the rating value!?


<form action="#" method="post" id="comment">
        <p>Your comment: </p>
        $(document).ready(function() {
            // Generates the Raty Rating code below
                hints: ['Poor', 'Fair', 'Good', 'Very Good', 'Excellent'],
                path: "media/images/",
                size: 24
        <div class="rating"></div>
    <textarea name="message" id="message"></textarea>
    <input type="hidden" value="104" name="tid" id="tid">
    <button type="submit">Add Comment</button>

Code generated by raty rating:

<div class="rating" style="cursor: pointer; width: 140px;">
    <img src="media/images/star-off.png" alt="1" title="Poor">&nbsp;
    <img src="media/images/star-off.png" alt="2" title="Fair">&nbsp;
    <img src="media/images/star-off.png" alt="3" title="Good">&nbsp;
    <img src="media/images/star-off.png" alt="4" title="Very Good">&nbsp;
    <img src="media/images/star-off.png" alt="5" title="Excellent">
    <input type="hidden" name="score">


$("#comment").on("click", "button", function(e)

    var tid = $('#comment #tid').val();
    var rating = $('#comment #score').val();
    var comment = $('#comment #message').val();



Made it clear as to what the code is doing at present.

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You'll have to call .raty where your code is getting generated. –  Mohammad Adil Feb 1 at 12:01
Delegation is only useful for binding event handlers, not initializing widgets. –  Barmar Feb 1 at 12:04
@Barmar, would it not be delegation as the score element is generated on the fly so the code in script.js will never see the score element? –  Tall Feb 1 at 12:09
Delegation applies to events. This isn't an event, it's a widget initialization. –  Barmar Feb 1 at 12:10
Widgets are more than just event handlers. It needs to do stuff when it's initialized, like add the stars to the DOM, and then it adds its own event handlers. But the real point is that the handler bindings are done by the widget itself, not by you -- the widget would have to provide its own API for delegation. –  Barmar Feb 1 at 12:18

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