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I have implemented "IQ Fit Fun" (http://iqfitfun.com). If you click the trial link it takes you to http://iqfitfun.com/IQFitFunHtml/index.html . On the launch screen you see "Full Version (239) Puzzles". If you click the link it takes you to the "best place" to buy the full version.

I am looking for a switch tool to generalize the app-store navigation.

My current logic is as follows:

  • IOS -> iTunes

  • Kindle/Silk -> Amazon store

  • Android -> Play

  • FirefoxOS -> Firefox Market

  • Ubuntu -> Ubuntu apps directory

  • Blackberry -> Appworld

  • Windows8 -> Windows8 store

  • Windows Phone8 -> WP store

  • none of above -> If Firefox Browser -> Mozilla Market (Web App) ELSE -> Chrome Web Store

To do the decision, I use the user agent parser "UA-parser" https://github.com/tobie/ua-parser.

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