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I have read this regarding setting a socket to non-blocking mode.


Here is what I did:

static void setnonblocking(int sock)
    int opts;

    opts = fcntl(sock,F_GETFL);
    if (opts < 0) {
    opts = (opts | O_NONBLOCK);
    if (fcntl(sock,F_SETFL,opts) < 0) {

How can I set the socket back to Blocking mode? I don't see a O_BLOCK flag?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

Did you try clearing the O_NONBLOCK flag?

opts = opts & (~O_NONBLOCK)
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Alternative way to clear the flag:

opts ^= O_NONBLOCK;

This will toggle the non-blocking flag, i.e. disable non-blocking if currently enabled.

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