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What is wrong with this code? It is giving "Structure required before . or .*" in the input function at d.n.fname=a;

struct bank

{    struct details{    struct name{char fname;char mname;char lname;}n;
     struct acc_details{    int anum;    char type;}ad;

struct date
{    int dd;int mm;int yy;}dt;
struct balance
{    struct details det;int balc;}bl;

void input(char a,char b,char c,int d,char e)

void main()
struct bank b;char fn,mn,ln,t;int anum;
cout<<":ENTER DETAILS:";cout<<"\nEnter First Name: ";cin>>fn;
cout<<"\nEnter Middle Name: ";cin>>mn;
cout<<"\nEnter Last Name: ";cin>>ln;
cout<<"\nEnter Accout Number: ";cin>>anum;
cout<<"\nEnter Account type: ";cin>>t;
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You should add a tag for the language and you may get more of a response - just click edit to edit your question. –  SilverlightFox Feb 3 at 10:41
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