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I'm a computer engineering student specializing in software and very interested in machine learning and AI. I have never taken any courses on these subjects and would really like to get involved with these topics as I find them to be really cool and interesting. I'm not used the proofs that the computer science guys do but I am willing to learn provided there is a good starting point. I also feel that I learn a lot better if there is an exercise where you put the theory into practice. I have taken data structures and algorithms a few years ago but to be honest don't really remember too much theory from there. Can anyone suggest some resources?

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If you have no background in artificial intelligence or machine learning, I recommend Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig (i.e., “Russell and Norvig”). It’s used in introductory classes all over the world. For more practical experience, there are quite a few online courses for AI (e.g., CS188.1x) available; work through some of the projects at your own pace and see how you feel about the material.

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Check the courses on coursera

They are very easy to understand and you can learn the basis for several weeks. There are plenty of resources there.

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