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I want to know how I can change the URL of my checkout cart. Whenever I continue to checkout or click on the checkout button, I get to the URL:

I'm using this extension:

The only way I got it working was making one rewrite and a redirect, one rewrite from "onepagecheckout" to "checkout" and another one permanent redirect from "onepagecheckout" to "checkout". I don't think this method is best practice, so I would like to know if there's a better option.

I tried going to the app/code/community/IWD/OnepaceCheckout/etc/config.xml and changed frontname to "checkout", but even that did not change anything.

Thanks for your time and help would be greatly appreciated!

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Please check in you found that onepagecheckout just change onepagecheckout according


also changed it onestepcheckout.xml accoding to you wish frontName

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Solved the problem by changing the in config.xml on both standard and admin.

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