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Given following configuration for blueprint managed service factory and managed properties:

<cm:managed-service-factory factory-pid="my.pid" interface="foo.SampleService">
  <cm:managed-component class="foo.impl.SampleServiceImpl">
    <cm:managed-properties persistent-id="" update-strategy="component-managed" update-method="update"/>

first question: is this a valid (correct) configuration and usage?

second question: I have two config file (my.pid-one.cfg and my.pid-two.cfg) and therefore two instances of above service (SampleService). when I update any of two config files, both services are getting updated (update method being called). is this a normal behaviour? I was excepting only one of them to get updated.


the question here is why for a single update in a config file, update method in all instances are being called, not only the relevant one.

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