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I need remove jarFile.jar > /META-INF folder.

First, I extract the original jarFile.jar into temp/ folder

Then I delete META-INF/

And zip it again, no errors, but the file appears corrupt.

Anyone can help me?


public static void removeJarFiles(File jarFile, String[] files) throws IOException {
    File tempFolder = new File(jarFile.getParentFile(), "temp/");
    unZip(jarFile.getAbsolutePath(), tempFolder.getAbsolutePath()); // Decompress JAR
    // Delete files
    for (String file : files) {
        File f = new File(tempFolder, file);
        if (f.isDirectory()) {
        } else {
            if (f.exists()) {
    jarFile.delete(); // Delete OLD Jar
    // Re-Create JAR
    zipFolder(tempFolder.getAbsolutePath(), jarFile.getAbsolutePath());
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This.. isn't really a programming issue. –  christopher Feb 1 at 18:08
And then?______ –  Dementor Feb 1 at 18:10
Aannnd theeeeeen? –  christopher Feb 1 at 18:12
I think it's because I can not compile a .JAR with ZIP –  Dementor Feb 1 at 18:13
what do you mean by 'corrupt'? –  Dirk Lachowski Feb 1 at 18:13

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If you remove META-INF from a jar then there is no MANIFEST.MF and so java -jar can't find the main class.

You can create jars without META-INF but when you are going to execute a jar a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF is required.

See http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/jar/jar.html

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