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I am trying to migrate a database (same server, different schema, MyISAM), and two of the largest tables are identical so I copied the .frm, .myi and .myd files from one directory to the other.

Why would the newly copied tables be slower to query (with the exact same query) than the older ones? Is there a way to make these new tables SELECT at the same speed?

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Have you tried running OPTIMIZE TABLE against the migrated table? –  mwrichardson Feb 1 at 18:37
in complement to the comment of @mwrichardson, comparing explain plans of the involved queries in both schemas is the key to your problem. –  Sebas Feb 1 at 18:40
@mwrichardson OPTIMIZE did it, thanks! @Sebas the explains are identical, this was probably a fragmentation issue –  jreznik Feb 1 at 19:08

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