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I tried this solution:

What is the cleanest way to disable css transition effects temporarily?

but it doesn't work. I still see stuff animating.

$('body').addClass('notransition'); // the class that doesn't work  
$('#main_style').attr('href', newStyleUrl);

Is there any way to make it work?

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What is your CSS code? –  Andrea Parodi Feb 1 at 19:03
The notransition class? is the same as in the linked answer. Other than that I have a few transitions, some of them use the "all" property. I suspect those cause the problems, but I don't understand why are they still running :s –  Alex Feb 1 at 19:07
Do you apply the transitions to the body element? –  Andrea Parodi Feb 1 at 19:10
no, body has no transitions –  Alex Feb 1 at 19:12
Post your styles. Or create a demo. The error is pretty simple, I suspect. –  dfsq Feb 1 at 19:19

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