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I want a non-global minor mode to be enabled on the Emacs start up. I found it can be done with that code:

(define-globalized-minor-mode my-global-mode
  (lambda ()
    (the-mode t))
(my-global-mode t)

But I don't get it. What do two last arguments of the define-globalized-minor-mode do? the-mode and a lambda. More precisely why do I need both, isn't it tautology?

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A globalized minor mode is a global minor mode that is created from an existing (non-global) minor mode. Nothing more.

The first arg to define-globalized-minor-mode is the name (a symbol) of the global minor mode you want to create. The second arg is the existing (non-global) minor mode function (a symbol) that you want to use to create the global one.

The third arg is a function that turns the minor mode on. The minor mode function typically is a toggle command. Invoking it with no args does not turn the mode on.

And some minor modes have a defined (named) separate command to turn them on. E.g., turn-on-visual-line-mode is a separate command from visual-line-mode. It is equivalent to (lambda () visual-line-mode 1)). So you could pass as the third arg either the symbol turn-on-visual-line-modeor the equivalent lambda form.

That's really all there is to it.

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If there are modes with which command visual-line-mode 1 whouldn't work then it does make sense. I thought it would work with any one. –  German Feb 1 at 21:04
No, that's not the point. Argument TURN-ON is not optional, because a function is needed that needs no argument and turns the mode on. The mode function itself needs an argument to turn the mode on. Think of the TURN-ON function being called on a normal hook, for instance. –  Drew Feb 1 at 22:53
Isn't it a flaw in the architecture then? Is it possible to wrap this in something? So that I could call (globalize the-mode) instead of this huge and repetitive code. –  German Feb 2 at 11:29
If you think so, try passing your suggestion to its designers and developers: M-x report-emacs-bug. –  Drew Feb 2 at 15:45

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