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I've got the JSON data from Google Directions API. How can I show this route on map using Google Maps API?

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Using the Google Maps Javascript API v3 DirectionsService and DirectionsRenderer, you can avoid getting the JSON data from the Google Directions API (the Google Maps Javascript API v3 DirectionsService returns a JSON result that the DirectionRenderer can display directly).

See this example from the documentation

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I need to ask Google Directions API for a JSON data and then store it in the database. Can I use this data to load into Google Maps API? –  Daniel Gadawski Feb 1 at 21:46
Please read the terms of service (10.1.3). My understanding is you can only save data like that in your database temporarily, but IANAL. I have seen discussions of serializing that response, storing it an using it later, haven't done it myself. –  geocodezip Feb 1 at 22:12
OK, now it's clear. –  Daniel Gadawski Feb 2 at 7:47
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Check this blog post I wrote on this topic that will explain exactly how to achive what you are looking for:

Google Maps: Draw Driving Direction on Map:

There is a code and a sample project that you can use.

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