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Let me preface this with... I have referenced this question/answers and it seems to contain clues, but i'm still missing the whole picture

Essentially, the structure of the index page is this

  <div class="frames-wrap">
      <iframe id="this-iframe" src="location.php">


location.php then contains a frameset (ahem, not my idea...) that has two frames that are set up like so...

<frameset cols="350,*">
  <frame src="search.php" id="frame_search" name="search"/>
  <frame src="edit.php" id="frame_edit" name="edit" />

if i want to manipulate objects between the index page and these elements how would i go about this?

I keep thinking the context should be something similar to window.parent.frames[0].document... what else am i missing?

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also referenced this, but i'm too new to post more than one link… – technicolorenvy Jan 27 '10 at 21:22
this question might help you:… (shameless self-promotion as the question was originally asked by me) – Tamas Czinege Jan 27 '10 at 21:33
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Preface: You wont be able to access the iframes contents unless it originates from the same domain.

To select elements in your iframe you could use a jQuery call like this

element = $("#this_iframe").contents().find("#frame_search")

The key is to use the contents() function. See Traversing/contents

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ahh contents() is indeed awesome, i didn't realize the iframe support that provided... Thanks! – technicolorenvy Jan 28 '10 at 18:43

I think the link from technicolorenvy has the answer, but the selector has a lesser known second parameter where you can set the context.

Something like this:

var iframeDoc = document.getElementById('myIframe');
iframeDoc = (iframeDoc.contentWindow) ? iframeDoc.contentWindow : (iframeDoc.contentDocument.document) ? iframeDoc.contentDocument.document : iframeDoc.contentDocument;

// From the parent window
$('p', iframeDoc).html('Hello from parent');

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Giving your frames ids that are valid JavaScript identifiers would help, then you could use constructs such as as your context.

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thanks for the feedback! however, this is bombing for me. the ids now have underscores rather than ndashes. if i use console.log to see what's happening "behind the scenes" it will return something if i log OR if i log'this_iframe') so it appears that the frame_edit id is not being "seen". any ideas? – technicolorenvy Jan 27 '10 at 23:52

These were all helpful. I kept bombing when I was attempting to get past the iframe in the DOM. THis would appear to be from the fact i had code residing in the ready() method, but the frameset that was being called within the iframe was not loaded by the time that had $(document).ready() fired.

Thanks for all the great help and feedback!

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