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I've created a module so I can quickly create users, sign in as users, delete users and sign out users. Here is a simplified example:

module UserAuth
    def sign_in(user)
        cookies.permanent[:remember_token] = 'asda'

However, if I run this spec:

describe 'UserAuth' do
    include UserAuth

    context 'signed up' do
        let(:user_1) { FactoryGirl.build(:user) }
        before { sign_up user_1 }

        contex 'signed in' do
            before { sign_in user_1 }

            it {}


I get this error:

   undefined method `permanent' for #<Rack::Test::CookieJar:#>

What I find weird about this is that cookies object is available, but this permanent method isn't for some reason. Can I resolve this issue by simply including another module in the UserAuth module? If so, what is the name of this module?

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I suggest you follow the method for testing this defined in the Rails Tutorial, as shown in http://ruby.railstutorial.org/book/ruby-on-rails-tutorial#code-sign_in_helper. The CookieJar object in Rack::Test is not the same as the one used by Rails in ActionDispatch::Cookies.

See related RailsTutorial: NoMethodError 'permanent' Rake::Test::CookieJar

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