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I'm making a tampermokey script that will change a webpage's letter colors. What it has to do is change each letter's color with a specific color (for example, each 'a' is red, 'b' green...).

There is nothing about this in Google. I can't use span since I'm editing a HTML document (spanning with different classes each letter is not the solution).

How can I change the font color for a specific character?

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Why can't you use <span>? –  David Hariri Feb 1 at 21:02
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I think that the only way will be to search for the single character and replace it with a container containig that character. eg: hello world should become

<span class='ch_h'>h</span>
<span class='ch_e'>e</span>
<span class='ch_l'>l</span>
<span class='ch_l'>l</span>
<span class='ch_o'>o</span>
<span class='ch_w'>w</span>

and so on...

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